Tuesday 14 January 2014

From A & K - A Year in Review

It's been a busy year for both of us. Kelsey got a fancy promotion a work (which came with a correspondingly insane work schedule). Amanda moved to California and went back to school.

It's also been a good year for both of us. Somehow amidst the chaos, we've also managed to see more of each other than ever before and even snuck in a few amazing trips together (NYC, SLC, Seattle)!

Kelsey got bit by the knitting bug and her needles have been turning out gorgeous project after gorgeous project ever since.
2013 Knits
1. Snowfling Mitts  2. Hedgerow Socks  3. Licorice Twist Cowl   4. Honey Cowl
5. Medallion Lace Socks 6. Hermione's Everyday Socks
We made clothes
2013 Garments
1. Sleeveless Tova  2. Panda PJs  3. Stampede Washi  4. Eucalypt Tank  5. Liberty Tie  6. Liberty Staple
7. Floral Washi  8.  Nani Iro Shearwater  9. Shearwater Kaftan 10. Seattle Staple  11. Sloppy Josephine
Bags and accessories

2013 Accessories
1. Bikini Pouch  2. Simple Satchel  3. Lap Duvet  4. Nani Iro Scarf  5. Travel Hoop Bag
6. Open Wide Pouch  7. Clutch  8. Duffle  9. Make-Up Brush Roll

and of course, quilts!!
2013 Quilts
1. Sew Positive Baby Quilt  2. Wonky Stars  3. Mermaid Quilt  4. Manly Plus Quilt  5. Salt Water Swoon
  6. Posy Quilt  7. Moving Walkways  8. Smitten  9. Kites Quilt
A pretty productive year overall. We have big plans for next year: lots of new quilts, clothes and Amanda is even planning to unearth some old WIPs, dust them off and wrap them up. Stay tuned!!


  1. A great year for both of you!!

    Looking forward to following along this year.

  2. Great job ladies! Looking forward to another year!

  3. meeting the two of you was fantastic! :) And thanks so so so much for the swoon instructions.

  4. You ladies have been super busy this year! And have made some unbelievably gorgeous things! Can't wait to see what this year brings!

  5. Congrats on a great 2013!! I love the variety of things you are able to make (and make beautifully!). Cheers to a new year with more amazing projects!


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