Monday 27 January 2014

From A - Finished Pair


I started these socks when Kelsey came to visit me in last February. She said that she wanted to learn to knit socks and I figured that the easiest way to show her was to cast on a  pair of my own.


These are simple socks, no pattern. Just knit until you want a heel, make one, knit until it covers your foot and make a toe. Repeat for sock number two.


I used some Sheepaints Sock'n Go in Morning Sky that I've had in the stash for longer than I care to admit. Suffice to say that it has been long enough that this yarn has been discontinued.

Warm, satisfying and a nice mix of colours. That will do just fine.



  1. Very nice Amanda! I love your 'knit until you want to make a heel, make one, the knit some more" haha I remember the first time I made socks I followed every little direction for the heel with great trepidation and could NOT see how it would become a heel, but lo and behold, it did!!

  2. I still plan to try socks....have bought a bunch of yarn to do so but still haven't! On my someday list :)

  3. I wish i could knit, these are so fun!!

  4. I want to learn to knit socks! This pattern might just do the trick. Thanks for sharing :)


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