Friday, 24 October 2014

From K - Modern Maples Quilt Top

Fall is hands down my very favourite time of the year. Honestly what's not to love? Fresh crisp air, warm spicy drinks, a house that smells of baking, boots, outfits with lots of layers, and of course, fall leaves! There is no other time of year that I feel as happy, or surprisingly as domestic, as I do in the fall. As a quilter, there is no better way to celebrate this season than making a special quilt inspired by it.

Back in September while pulling fabric from my stash for a baby quilt, I accidentally pulled a rather sizeable stack in a perfect fall palette, quickly side-tracking my mind away from baby gifts and towards selfish fall sewing. Amanda WoodWard-Jennings' quilt pattern Modern Maples immediately came to mind, and seemed like the perfect solution to all my fall inspired quilty desires.

I have been on the road for work on and off since Labour Day, so most of the cutting and sewing of this quilt top happened in various hotel rooms across southern Alberta. If you're ever looking for a great portable pattern, this is it!

I was inspired by so many beautiful variations of this quilt design that I found online. I knew when it came to the leaf blocks, I felt like more was better, and though I'm not typically one for sashing, I couldn't resist tossing in more low volume neutral prints to mix things up.

I have been severely tied up with work this past month so I unfortunately missed by dream deadline of finishing this by Halloween, but at any rate, I am thrilled that the top is now complete.

My new self imposed deadline for this quilt is to hopefully finish it before December rolls around. I can't wait to make the back so I can quilt it!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

From A - WIP Wednesday

I have amassed a huge stack of WIPs over the years. For every type of craft I have ever tried, there are at least a couple of unfinished projects waiting in the wings. I'm not really sure why this has become such a recurring pattern since I love the feeling of finishing a project, sending it off to its new home and watching people enjoy it for years to come.

Most of my quilts end up getting stalled after they are basted and ready to quilt. Currently, I have at least 6 quilts that are just waiting to be quilted and bound. I can't quite explain it but there is definitely something about the process of choosing a quilting design and forcing the quilt sandwich through my machine that makes me cast a project aside faster than you can say "new fabric."

Stack of Quilty WIPs

Three of these almost finished quilts are taking up some prime real estate on our living room couch. I'm going to try and tackle them this weekend since two are baby quilts that should really get mailed off before the intended recipients start walking.

That said, there is a good chance I'll get distracted by this little number somewhere along the way. That is the Spring Quakers pattern by Rosewood Manor that I started just about a year ago.

Spring Quakers Cross Stitch

Most of my slow and steady progress on this project happens when I am supposed to working on something else. Those beautiful hand-dyed Valdani flosses with their perfectly saturated colours are irresistible when facing something I "should" be doing.

Spring Quakers Valdani Floss

Do you have some long-forgotten WIP skeletons in your closet? At what stage do you usually get bogged down? Any tricks for "breaking the cycle?" Please do tell!

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Monday, 13 October 2014

From A - Heather Ross Rainbow Quilt Top

After a couple of weeks of dedicated sewing, I managed to finish up my Heather Ross Rainbow Quilt top last week.

Heather Ross Rainbow Quilt Top

I used a free pattern from Windham that was released with the Briar Rose collection and opted to add four rows of blocks lengthwise and a half block width-wise so that it ended up a little closer to twin-sized. This also allowed me to use more fabrics to better flesh out the rainbow gradation.

Heather Ross Rainbow Quilt Top

This was such a fun project to put together. The fabrics are gorgeous and I really liked the process of setting the blocks on point. It meant that every row was different enough to keep me entertained throughout all that plain vanilla piecing.

Heather Ross Rainbow Quilt Top

I really want to keep the backing pretty simple and found some beautiful Nani Iro double gauze in my stash that will be perfect. Basting this quilt will be my first priority when I wrap up a few more baby/Christmas gifts that have been happening behind the scenes.

I really can't wait to can enjoy the finished quilt. It is just too lovely to spend much time in my WiP pile.