Wednesday 13 August 2014

From K - Summer Lovin Socks

Early on this year, I decided that 2014 would be the year of no pressure and no deadlines. I would make what made me happy, not worrying about having too many WiPs or forcing production. In 2014, my only goal was to create, and so far I've been sticking to that mantra.

That hopefully helps to explain why I've spent a large portion of my summer knitting socks... in >30 degree weather (Celsius). It's not logical and honestly I don't mind the odd glances on my morning train commute, because one of the things that makes me most happy, is handmade socks and a wardrobe full of them sounds like a good idea to me!

The newest addition to my sock drawer is a hot pink pair of Summer Lovin socks by Cookie A. See at least the colour and pattern name seem fitting for the season right?!

I used a skein of Blue Label Fingering yarn by Tanis Fiber Arts in the colour Royal Flush. On her website, Tanis describes this colour as "a bright blend of raspberry, red and magenta. Cheerful and delightful!" and I couldn't agree more.

These socks are in my mind a perfect pairing of pattern and colour, and as a result I'm quite enamoured with them. Aveta seems to agrees!


For more information and photos of these socks, visit my Ravelry page here.

Friday 8 August 2014

From K - Simplicity 1877 Catnap Dress (the 2nd)

Nearly six months ago when Lizzy House announced her Catnap Dress Contest, I immediately dreamt up a Simplicity 1877 dress using a lavender coloured catnip print from her new line. After quickly realizing the contest required use of an actual cat print from the line, I switched gears to make this dress... but not before tossing this lavender catnip print in to my shopping cart.

Months passed but I still couldn't shake the dress idea from my mind, and my desire for a new dress for the Calgary Stampede was growing. So in typical last minute Kelsey fashion, I finally whipped up this dress 48hrs before my first stampede event of the season... even stitching the hem on my commute.

Since I had previously used the pattern and had the yardage on hand, I was able to sew this up in two (long) evenings, no alterations required.

For stampede I paired it with a brown leather belt, cowboy boots, and of course a hat, similar to how I styled my handmade stampede dress last year (shown here). Sorry I didn't seem to get any stampede pictures this year.

Last month when Amanda and I were back in Manitoba for a wedding, we both sported handmade dresses to the rehearsal supper and she took some photos for me afterwards.

I honestly can't say enough about how much I love this pattern. I wear my original catnap dress a lot, but this one is getting even more rotations in my wardrobe already. Great pattern, original fabric, what more could a girl want!