About Us


The short version:

We're cousins, we're both married, we each have a dog (and a cat for Kelsey) and we live about 1,600 km apart (or 1,000 miles for those who don't do metric).

We come from a long line of crafters. Our grandmother knits and sews, our Great Aunt has knit socks for almost everyone she knows, Amanda's mother spent most of the last twenty years making figure skating costumes for a local skating club and Kelsey's mom has dabbled in various crafts her whole life. It isn't uncommon for there to be three generations crafting simultaneously at family gatherings over a glass of wine or a game of cards.

We talk all of the time, usually about crafting and decided it might be high time to  take those conversations into the "digital universe" and add pictures.

The long version:

We grew up like part-time sisters. We're both from Manitoba but have moved on to other places in our adult years (although Manitoba will always be home). Amanda spent the better part of three-months each year sleeping on Kelsey's bedroom floor where we whispered late into the night over flashlights from the time we were itty bitty.

Kelsey is married to very handy husband. They bought a fixer-upper house in Calgary (which happens to be the place where they met) and together they have gutted and nearly completely renovated the place using their own two hands and a garage full of tools (his not hers). Since then they have added a sweet little cat named Joey and a puppy named Aveta to their brood.

Kelsey learned to sew on our grandmother's Singer, partially because scrunchies were H-O-T (you know you loved them too!) but largely because Amanda was learning (and everything she did, Kelsey wanted to do too). Scrunchies were soon swapped out for binder covers and denim purses, and then "custom" clothing in high school. After a brief hiatus from all things crafty while in University, Kelsey got bit by the quilting bug a few years ago. Since then she has been sewing up a storm and has recently added knitting to her repertoire.

Amanda recently moved to the San Francisco Bay Area with her not quite as handy, but unquestionably talented husband. They share their living space with a wall unit full of yarn/fabric and a dog named Bowser. She learned to knit on our Great Aunt's lap at the age of six after receiving a "learn to knit" kit (complete with fuschia acrylic and flimsy plastic needles) for Christmas. Our Grandmother taught her to sew in the awkward "tween" years when Amanda decided to make a horse coaster set for her old Kindergarten teacher (a gift we're SURE she still treasures to this day).

An avid knitter for years, Amanda has always awed our family with her creations, and in equal terms, her ability to always finds ways to fit craftiness into her constantly chaotic schedule. Amanda has more hobbies than a professional hobbyist (does that exist? because if it does sign us up!). A typical week often includes: sewing, knitting, weaving, spinning, cross stitch, unhealthy amounts of reading, cake decor, riding (horses), biking, running, and eating ice cream sandwiches - need we say more?

In addition to being crafty, we love to travel, and recently, many of these travels have been together (yay!). We try to share some of our adventures here on the blog (check out the travel tag on our side bar for more).

Come in, put your feet up and stay a while. We hope you'll enjoy what you find.

Amanda & Kelsey


  1. My friend and I get together most Fridays to sew and put the world to rights, but I'm moving home to NZ soon leaving her here in Australia. We've been talking about how we can continue to sew together, so I'm curious about how this works for you? Do you take turns to post and do you still skype or whatever?

  2. Hi Amanda and Kelsey,
    I am about to open a webshop specializing in African fabric - among other the style of African print fabric you have used for one of your beautiful quilts. Would it be ok if I share it on the webshop? I will make sure you are credited for both the quilt and the photo.
    You can see the shop here (its not finished)
    All the best

  3. Hi Guys,
    I loved the Smitten quilt pattern. Where could I purchase it? You referenced Cluck,Cluck, Sew, but when I reached out to them, they said it was not theirs.


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