Wednesday 17 June 2015

From A - Spoolish Quilt

Just over a week ago, I headed into the stash closet to dig up some fabric for the Quilt the Book insanity that Rachel talked me into joining. After not immediately finding what I was looking for, I instead grabbed a long forgotten quilt kit that I bought on a bright pink induced whim and set aside for a day when I would be crazy enough talented enough to actually take it on.


Coming in at 612 triangle pieces for a twin size quilt or 52 pieces per pieced spool block, this is the kind of project where you want take a bit of time to work out a proper 1/4" seam allowance. A lesson I only learned after my first block ended up a little wonkier than I might have liked.

Spoolish Quilt Block

Seam allowance issues resolved, things have begun chugging along nicely enough and my blocks are starting to lay flatter and be more uniform in size. I managed to wrap up block 5 of 15 this morning and am actually enjoying the process enough to be excited about the 10 remaining blocks.

Spoolish Quilt Blocks

Quite a change in attitude when you consider that when I bought this kit, part of me thought that I would never actually work up the courage to make it. Turns out it wasn't the scary green eyed monster in my (stash) closet that I'd made it out to be...

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  1. That is very impressive! It is great the kit came with all the triangles cut out -- I can't imagine having to do the cutting as well as the piecing! Truth be told I can't imagine working on a block with so many little pieces...but I wish I could! I look forward to seeing your finished quilt.

  2. What a striking design; the more so I think because of the limited palette. How many more tiny triangles do you have to make?

  3. Love all your pointy points! Personally I find it better not to know exactly how many triangles I need to piece before I start! It's scary how quickly the numbers add up!! Laughing at your insanity reference too, you might be right about that!!

  4. This is going to look really amazing when it's done - love the black and hot pink together!

  5. Looks great! Not the kind of block to pick for a bee then! Love your colour combos!

  6. Wow, that looks pretty intense, but awesome! Love the color scheme. Kat @

  7. Wow, that looks pretty intense, but awesome! Love the color scheme. Kat @

  8. Wow, that looks pretty intense, but awesome! Love the color scheme. Kat @


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