Friday 31 January 2014

From K - Skills Swap: Knit Socks for Adrianne (On the Windy Side)

Last week I shared the incredible handmade items that Adrianne from On the Windy Side sent me for our for our skills swap. This week I wanted to show you how it all began - with a pair of hand knit socks.

In August of last year Adrianne posted about wanting a pair of hand knit socks. Since I learned to knit just five months earlier (and socks were really my only accomplishments to date), I put up my hand right away to participate in a swap knowing socks were right up my alley.

I largely followed the Nutkin pattern on Ravelry but made quite a few alterations. One prominent change involved making a new cuff as the original cuff style didn't cling nicely to my leg when I tried it in. I had knit most of the first leg when I realized the cuff from the pattern was going to make for baggy socks, and really, who wants that?! I ripped it out and recast on using K2P1 for about 12 or so rows.

I also struggled a bit with the directions for the short row heel that the pattern includes so I simply turned to my dear friend YouTube to show me the way. I have never made a heel without a gusset and I have to say I actually kind of missed doing it. I do like the look of this heel though and I think that it does fit well with the overall sock design.

I knit these up using a gorgeous superwash Malabrigo sock yarn that I picked up from my LYS in the colour Dewberry. I didn't tell Adrianne what pattern I was knitting so there would be some surprise, but I did ask her for some colour examples. She largely sent photos of tone on tone skeins so I thought this purple would be perfect. The slight variegation in this yarn makes them look sparkly and I love the texture it adds.

I snapped these pictures quickly at work on my iPhone before I tossed these into a box filled with other sewing notion, fabric, washi tape, a Christmas ornament and a few Canadian treats. In my haste I didn't photograph the rest, but as the purpose of the swap started with a desire for knit socks, I'm hoping these photos suffice.


  1. So pretty! I've never worn knit socks, but they look super comfy!

  2. Gorgeous socks! I don't know if I could wear them, just hang them up and admire them :)

  3. Yay - my yummy delicious socks! I love them - they are beautiful and soft and I will definitely be wearing them when it gets cool enough for wool socks!


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