Tuesday 27 August 2013

From A - On a Roll

When I started sewing, I wanted to make clothes. I loved the self-sufficiency that came from taking a length of fabric and turning it into something wearable. Over the last couple of years, I got away from making clothing as I threw myself head first into making quilts. With the chaos of the move and the lack of quilting mats/rulers/furniture, I've been hankering to make clothing and have the recently acquired pattern collection to prove it.

Finished Washi Dress

Despite recent temptations, it seemed wise to kick things off with a gander through the WIP pile. I started my version of Rae's Washi  Dress last Fall but made almost no progress after cutting it out and hand tacking the bust darts. I started working on it again while at Kelsey's in July but didn't get the sleeves bound or the bottom hemmed until last weekend.

Finished Washi Dress

When Kelsey suggested that we make Washi's together, I picked a fabric from my stash (for what might have been the first time ever). The fabric is an old Amy Butler print that I bought years and years ago to make some sort of 50s style New Look dress pattern. Since I don't have many occasions to wear a full circle skirt, making a Washi was a much better choice.

I went with a size medium and it was pretty close to a perfect fit. The only alteration I made (if you can even call it that) was to follow the Mr.'s advice to show a little more leg when it came time to hem. I will definitely wear this with a belt as the combination of empire waist and intense floral quilting cotton was a little too maternity inspired for my taste pre-belt.

Washi Dress Neckline

After much debate, I opted for the "U" neck cutout which I really like. It helps pull the floral away from the face a little more which keeps things from looking like I was attacked by a flesh-eating tropical dandelion.

Washi Armhole

I really like the bound armholes that Rae included with the pattern and have caught myself trying to show them off to people more than a few times. Nothing says: "pleased to meet you, I'm new to the neighbourhood" quite like flashing your armpits to almost strangers.

Finished Washi Dress

As usual, my art director lent a critical eye to the photo shoot.

Washi Dress Helper

I think he approves. I'm just tickled pink that there is one less empty hanger in my closet.


  1. It's beautiful! I love all the details.

  2. Seriously adorable. What a great fit! I especially love the addition of the belt.

  3. Looks amazing, and your comment about the flesh eating tropical dandylion... yeah, totally made me snort!
    That AB print and especially the colour look fantastic on you!

  4. Very nice Amanda,and you finished it so nicely. I like the neckline a lot.

  5. Awesome dress! It looks great on you and beautifully finished.


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