Sunday 18 August 2013

From A - WIP-a-licious

Has it really been almost a month since my last post?!? I'm glad that Kelsey has been holding down the fort. We have finally made it to California and after a whirlwind weekend back in Toronto and almost a week of living in a hotel we are finally in our new place and trying to settle in (as settled in as you can be when your only furniture is a mattress on the floor and a computer chair/desk).

The general lack of order in my life is also reflected in the growing mound of WIPs that have taken up residence in the corner of the living room that would ordinarily be home to a couch or end table.

Smitten Quilt WIP

I got my Smitten Quilt back from the long armer and am happy with how it turned out. All this needs now is some binding and a label. This is going to get finished as soon as I find a quilt shop that is willing to give me 10 minutes with their cutting mat and 6" x 24" ruler as mine are on a truck somewhere between Toronto and California.

Meadows Quilt WIP

Most of the blocks for my Meadow Quilt were made on our road trip. Just need to get them sewn together and figure out the whole boarder/backing situation.

Washi Dress WIP

When I visited Kelsey in Calgary last Fall, she had the crazy idea that we should both make Washi dresses while I was there. Although I managed to cut the fabric for my Washi, I never really made any more progress with it. I worked on it again on the road trip and now it just needs to be hemmed before it can find a more permanent home in my closet.

Staple Dress WIP

During my most recent visit, I was to blame for deciding that we should both make Staple dresses when I was in Calgary last month. True to form, Kelsey finished hers and mine is still somewhere between started and wearable.

Here's hoping I'll have some finishes to show you soon! I should probably clear up that pile of WIPs before the couch actually arrives.


  1. Lots of lovely WIPs though, and when you get more settled in you will have the pleasure of a whole run of finishes pretty quickly.

  2. Your Meadow Quilt! It's going to be amazing. Those colors!

  3. Loving those meadow blocks, that one's going to be gorgeous! And i love your washi dress... i've been tempted to make it, but that's about as far as i get!
    Fingers crossed you find a shop that will let you play, there has to be something like The Workroom there!

  4. Welcome to California! You've got so many great projects going. I'm especially coveting that washi dress -- it looks like it's going to be gorgeous!


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