Thursday 1 August 2013

From K - Road Tripping

The hubs and I are hitting the open road today, destination Seattle. He loves driving so I usually bring busy work to occupy my hands. On the WiP list for this trip are two knit projects and some hand quilting on my Black and White Kites Baby Quilt.

To top off the general fun and excitement that a road trip brings, I've been feeling nothing short of spoiled lately because that cousin/blog partner of mine, Amanda... the who lives so far away... well in a few days I will get to see her for the 3rd weekend in a row!

Two weeks ago we were both back in our hometown in Manitoba to celebrate the 60th anniversary of our amazing grandparents (yes you read that right, 60!). Coincidentally, while we were home the local museum hosted a ribbon cutting to celebrate the opening of the house they met in.
Here's a peak inside the 1920's house:

Then this past weekend Amanda, her husband, and their adorable yellow lab Bowser continued their trek to Calgary where they stayed with us for a few days - yay! Amanda diligently worked on 3 WiPs while I started 3 entirely new unplanned projects. Talk about a role reversal, go figure!

Our weekend looked quite a bit like this:

And now this upcoming weekend we will cross paths for the third time while simultaneously visiting Seattle. We used to see each other once every other year but somehow we've managed 8 visits in the past 12 months - craziness! You won't see us complaining though :)

Well I'm off to pack my duffle and get road trip ready. We'll be sure to share some pics of our Seattle adventures together soon.

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  1. Have fun!!! By the way, I don't think I ever commented on your duffle post (we've been away, and I've done some blog reading but no blog commenting!) but wanted to be sure to say how much I love it - it turned out great!


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