Thursday 13 September 2012

From A - Denial

While most crafters look to their stashes for wools, flannels, and other materials that might fend off the cooler nights that inevitably begin making an appearance this time of year, I keep thinking about summer and how I'm not quite ready for the upcoming change in season.

Although it is dark when I when I wake up in the morning and the sun is usually setting on the drive home from work, I keep hoping that there will be just a few more days where I will be able to enjoy the heat of sun on my skin before scarves and heavy sweaters take over.

There's no better way to celebrate this optimism (a.k.a. total denial) than to make a breezy summer tank. That's right. After almost 2 months of procrastination, I have finally managed to finish my very first Wiksten tank.

This pattern is so well written. All of the seams and hems are beautifully finished, effectively making what is a very simple tank into something that is really special. I was so inspired by these details that I even took the time to fussy cut a perfectly matched pocket. You really have to look for it to see it on the finished tank.

I have a serious hatred of hems. Hems are probably one of the main reasons that I make so few garments. The hem on this tank is especially heinous since it is essentially just a series of curves that I'm sure were specifically designed to test my patience. After about 45 minutes of burning my fingers with the iron while futzing with the hem, I remembered a tutorial I happened upon a while back. This sneaky hem trick made the rest of the project easy and the whole thing came together in the course of one evening. Gotta love instant gratification sewing.

Modelled shots to come but in the meantime, I'm thinking I might just have to whip up at least one more of these.

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