Wednesday 5 September 2012

From Mr. A - Did you Marry a Crafter?

Tickled pink at having been featured here back in July, my sweet husband has been trying to find other ways to make an appearance. He recently showed me a top 10 (well top 12) list he's been compiling since July. I thought the list was hilarious and I figured it was worth sharing so here you go!

12 signs you've Married a Crafter

  1. Nondescript packages arrive at your door from companies with the words "designer, love, asylum, and loopy" in their names. You sign for them without thinking twice.
  2. The local postman comes to the door and makes a comment about having "yet another package" for your spouse.
  3. You've spent the night on the guest bed (or couch) because the master bed is being used to perfect a quilt layout or to block the latest knitting project.
  4. When your spouse asks you if you want to go to a baseball game, you know a Stitch n' Pitch must be coming up.
  5. You've had to pause your date night movie to deal with a crafting emergency.
  6. You've opened your closet and been attacked by falling yarn, fabric, batting, and ribbon. Upon hearing the commotion, your spouse runs to see if you broke any of the craft stuff.
  7. Your vacation destinations are approved based on their proximity to crafty points of interest (shops, museums, exhibits).
  8. You've learned never to ask "what do you plan to do with all of this yarn?" and avoid suggesting "maybe you should give some of this to Goodwill".
  9. You know that when your spouse says "I'm planning to stipple this quilt" that it's time to pack up the dog/children and head to the cottage for a week.
  10. Upon learning that your spouse just acquired 8 balls of yarn, 2 cross stitch patterns, 60 skeins of embroidery floss and 15 yards of fabric you think to yourself "that's all?"
  11. You've had to do the kitchen-limbo to get to the fridge because the loom is being warped.
  12. You carry the TSA list of prohibited items with you when you travel to show airport security staff that your spouse can indeed bring her favourite embroidery scissors, her sewing machine and her knitting needles on the plane.

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