Saturday 23 June 2012

From K - Summer sewing motivation

Every fall I develop an intense desire to sew, and that feeling follows me well into winter. But by summer something changes, and I find myself procrastinating projects, packing away my Janome, and as a result deferring an activity that brings me so much joy.

This year I'm determined to keep up my creative streak and to keep me focused I've made a list. I read once that people who write down and share their goals are 10x more likely to complete them than those who don't - so here's me giving it a shot!

Summer Sewing Hit List:

1. Complete two wax print quilts:
(sneak peek here and here) I spent a summer in Ghana a few years back and have yearned for a wax print quilt ever since. I recently bribed a friend who lived there to bring me back some tailor's remnants and she took the bait! Now I have a pile full of scraps and a plan to make us each a beautiful memento of our time there. Unfortunately getting it all washed and ironed seems to be holding me back right now.

2. Sew up an iPad cover for my sister-in-law:
(finished!) I recently made myself a custom iPad cover and my sister-in-law swooned. She did her part and picked out some fabrics, so now I need to follow through and deliver a product.

3. Sew something at isn't straight:
(finished!) I loooove clean straight lines and nothing makes me happier than chain piecing a quilt top, but last year when Amanda was married she made each of her bridesmaids a custom Amy Butler Birdie Sling Bag and I've been smitten with mine ever since. It's about time I sew myself another!

4. Create a craft room:
(design board and reveal coming soon!) This hit list item is what I'm hoping will really motivate me this summer. I'm determined to make some affordable changes to our current guest room so it can serve dual purpose as sewing space and extra bedroom. I plan to elaborate more on this in an upcoming post so keep my eyes peeled for that!

5. Sew a futon cover fit for a creative sewing space:
In order to make space for my Janome, a cutting table, and the odd guest, the rock hard queen sized bed has got to go. A futon will have to take its place, and I intend to cover the dull fabric it comes with, using a print that inspires. (*update: we bought a convertible sofa so a futon cover wasn't necessary. I've since changed this to-do item to "make new curtains" - reveal coming soon)

6. Whip up some decorative pillows for the new craft room:
(while in progress and now finished!) No craft room couch is complete without a couple of vibrant pops of color in pillow format.

7. Make a custom cushion for a pint sized rocking chair: My father-in-law is a gifted crafter in his own right and recently made a darling child sized willow rocker for the cabin. I order some fabulous owl fabric and plan to whip up a pint sized cushion to match.

8. Stock up on baby gifts: (burp cloths) There is no shortage of new baby mamas this year, and this go around, I intend to stock up on my shower gifts before the 11th hour.

What projects are you determined to work on this summer?

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