Friday 27 July 2012

From K - Desperately seeking a design wall

Tonight my hubby helped me take the first steps toward building my new design wall, and I couldn't be more pleased to get it started. One of the fundamental reasons why I was so desperate for my own craft space was to reduce the fabric explosion that currently invades my living room. Somehow a couple small fat quarters migrates into the room, followed by a  multitude more, and then it all decides to reside there for weeks on end. Having guests over means there is no longer a simple requirement to tidy up, but instead it creates the need to pack it all up or learn to entertain around it.

Now that I have my own dedicated craft room I thought this phenomenon would die out, but little did I know that even with a new space, fabric still continues to spread. Here is a photo of my new convertible sofa in our guest/craft room...

It looked like that for a couple of days before my wax print quilt required more space... so now it's begining to look more like this...

For a while now I've had a significant portion of my squares cut to create this next quilt top but no space that is large enough to maintain it all laid out together at once. I'm getting desperate for a design wall now to ensure the colors are balanced properly before I begin to sew it together. The picture below shows some of the green fabrics that I've cut so far (unfortunately this couch doesn't have room for all of the blues, purples, oranges and pinks).

Here's hoping we can polish this board off on the weekend so the rest of the colours can be laid out together.

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