Friday 22 June 2012

From A - Best Intentions

I received a DIY envelop template kit and an envelop lining template kit for Christmas last year from my husband.

As someone who loves sending mail and hates buying pre-fab cards, I was absolutely thrilled at his thoughtfulness and promptly decided I would make handmade cards for everyone I knew this year.

Considering that it is now June and that I've only made two cards, you can safely assume how that went. Never one to give up, I decided to dust off the card making supplies in honour of a dear friend's birthday.

I started with a piece of scrapbook paper and made an envelop.

I also purchased a custom address stamp for the back flap. Love it. It gives the cards such a manicured finish. I got mine here but I am sure they are readily available.

I used a carpet ad from an old home decorating magazine for the lining and found the perfect piece of scrapbook paper for the card proper.

Another piece of lovely scrapbook paper for the inside and some hand-cut sparkly felt numbers, cut using numbers I printed from Word as templates.

And I had the perfect card in no time flat! I forgot how much I love making cards. It's fairly simple and ever so satisfying, a winning combination in my books.

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