Wednesday 27 June 2012

From A - 'Tis the Season to make Hexies

There's nothing quite like a Canadian winter to make me downright giddy at the prospect of a few months of sunshine, grass and flip flops.

As summer barrels towards me, I find myself spending more time in parks, on patios and generally anywhere that is not within reaching distance of a sewing machine.

What's a crafty girl to do? Handwork!

Lately, more and more of my big sewing projects are being sidelined in favour of some good old English paper piecing. Let me tell you, making those hexagons is very, very addictive!

While I methodically cut, baste, and sew the little units together, I can't help but admire their perfect finished edges and their beautifully symmetrical shape.

I'm not sure what these little hexies will become but I can tell you that it's very likely that I'll spend most of my summer making more of them.

What are you working on this summer?

(PS. Fat Quarterly is hosting a quilt along to make a whole quilt worth of hexies. Although the finished quilt is absolutely gorgeous, there is no way the Toronto heat and sun will last long enough for me to get that kind of project started, let alone finished. You'll find me cheering the brave participants on from the sidelines as I add to my collection of green and blue hexagons.)

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