Sunday 1 June 2014

From K - Marilinda Socks

A few months ago I mentioned that I cast on a new pair of socks using some beautiful skeins of New Zealand Knitsch yarn that Adrianne sent me in our swap. I chose a challenging cable pattern because I felt anything less might not due this stunning yarn justice.

I knit these socks using the Marilinda pattern by Cookie A. Even though I have limited experience with cables, I found the pattern to be extremely well written which helped me tremendously.

Adrianna sent me her swap parcel just before Christmas and this colourway could not have been more appropriate. It's deep and rich and equally festive. For those of you interested, the colourway is Mad Blood Stirreth.

I love everything about these socks and know that I'll be using them often. I'm so grateful to Adrianne for sending me such lovely squishy yarn. Anyone else out there crazy enough to wear wool socks in the summer?


  1. They look awesome Kelsey - you've got some mad knitting skills! I am enjoying your socks so much at the moment (and my pair in this yarn which my mum knitted for me).

  2. I do (usually Smart Wool socks that I bought, sorry), but I live in the Seattle area and sometimes it's not all that warm.

  3. I wish I could knit like this! I have only mastered the 6x2 rib for the leg. I have to make my daughter socks as she is so tall and has sz. 11 feet. I found some cotton and bamboo yarn for her summer socks.

  4. Very cool! Great job. Best, Kate


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