Friday 27 June 2014

From K - Red Letter Day Quilt Top

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, one of the best things about quilting for me is the relationship that Amanda and I have built because of it. Being cousins we have always been close, but having a shared passion (and a blog no less!) makes our friendship extra special.


Another similar bond we share? The fierce love we both have for one very special lady, the third and tiniest in our threesome, the baby sister we never had, our cousin Bree.

Bree is getting married and she means the whole wide world to us. She is sweet, creative and loyal to the core. She has a magnetic personality that is quiet and subtle, but also equally quirky and bold. Undoubtedly the best cousin any cousin could ever ask for. The kind that deserves a celebratory wedding quilt, that's for sure!

Amanda and I dreamt up the making of this quilt together long distance. We chose a pattern, ordered fabric online, and pieced blocks in hopes that it would all come together as planned. Last Friday Amanda's blocks showed up in my mailbox and I couldn't wait to pick a layout and sew these beauties together.

Now that it's all sewn up we've been tossing ideas back and forth on how I should quilt it. Denyse Schmidt style loops, double meandering loops, and straight line are a few of the options we've considered. By all means, feel free to share any other suggestions you might have.

The quilt back and binding are prepped, all set for a long weekend quilting session. I'm hoping I can settle on a quilting technique come Saturday!


  1. I've said it before... this will be amazing! Great work ladies. I am partial to the way Camille Roskelley had her Spell it with Moda quilt she called the pattern Puddles (and I think she used it again on her Red Letter Day quilt as well). Excited for the finish! Best, Kate

  2. It'll be great no matter what you do. I really love the DS style loops so that's a good idea. Are you doing the quliting yourself?

  3. What a gorgeous quilt top! Are you going to do the quilting or have someone else do it? Straight line quilting would look great - well, honestly, just about anything would!

  4. Looks awesome ladies! I like the idea of the DS loops, and this is going to be no help at all, but straight lines would look really awesome as well. I'm sure whatever you decide it will be fantastic. Can't wait!

  5. visiting from crazy mum quilts. What an awesome quilt for what sounds like an awesome lady

  6. Oh my, it is gorgeous! Your cousin will adore it!!!

  7. What a stunning top! I hope you get to see her open it in person so you can fully enjoy her reaction!


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