Wednesday 21 November 2012

From A - Making Furniture

I recently registered for a class to learn some upholstery basics. Our class project was to make a small ottoman. Over the course of the last three weeks, I hammered together a foundation made of wood, covered my foundation in foam and batting, carefully sculpted the corners using extra foam scraps and finally did the actual upholstery.

The end result: a modern yet neutral addition my household.

I opted to use an upholstery weight fabric for the exterior and think it was the perfect choice. Not only did I get over my fear of sewing heavy duty fabric on my home sewing machine but I am left with a piece that is durable enough to stand up to my vacuum and other everyday wear and tear.

Some time was spent attempting to match the print at the seams. Although it isn't perfect because of the size of the pattern repeat, I'm very happy with how it all came together. It looks cohesive but not unnaturally perfect.

I picked up some silver furniture legs from Lee Valley in order to give my little cube a more elegant look. Kelsey helped me position and attach them while visiting last weekend.

All in all I can't stop admiring my handiwork from every angle (even from the bottom!).

I'm not sure how much more upholstery work I'll do going forward but I'm pleased as punch that this little guy started as a pile of wood and fabric and has turned into something that we will love and use for years to come.

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  1. I love this. It's a really elegant piece of furniture. I would quite like to try upholstery, but was feeling a little intimidated and worried I wouldn't be able to get a finish I would be happy with. You have made it seem achievable - might have to check out classes in my area soon.


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