Sunday 11 November 2012

From K - Snowed In

This week I've learned three very valuable things:

a) giant snowy blizzards really do make the season feel more festive;
b) I might have a slight obsession with the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's Kawaii Christmas mystery club;
c) getting stranded at an airport on a work trip because of A, makes B even more addictive.

Now I have to say, I'm all for snowy winters (up until Christmas and then it can melt please), but when you're stranded overnight at an airport because of a work trip...your opinion can really start to change. I also noticed that while I generally tend to do a lot of sewing in the colder months, this year I can't stop snuggling on the couch with a fun cross stitch pattern.

This week I found myself hunkered down and stitching away rather than working on my newest quilt. Maybe it doesn't look like I've made that much progress but stitching those frames with satin floss on vibrating planes takes time people! So does ripping out stitches when you notice around midnight that you were off by a row off (ugh!)

After finally getting home late Friday, I decided I needed to make the best of this snow storm before I got bitter about it. So I said bring on the hot chocolate, present wrapping and Christmas d├ęcor - and then  proceeded to do just that! Don't worry, I didn't go all crazy, but I did change out our fall mantle to something a tad more festive.

Finally today I made some headway on my modern Pow Wow quilt. It took a bit longer to piece than I had initially anticipated, but I'm pretty happy with the progress so far. 20 blocks down, 36 more to go.

I decided to go with Kona Water as my neutral solid and I'm a little on the fence as to whether it was a good idea or not. Hopefully it comes together as planned.

This next week I'm off on another work trip so there will likely be more cross stitching than sewing, while in transit, but luckily this one lets me spending the ENTIRE WEEKEND with none other than Amanda! *Seriously cousin, we're on a roll, two visits in three months - whoot whoot!
Here's hoping that mother nature cooperates a bit better this time, that or it leaves me stranded out east so I get even more time with my awesome cousin. I hope the weather has been treating you well, wherever you are, and maybe even bringing on some of that holiday cheer.

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