Thursday 8 November 2012

From A - Celebration

I have been fortunate enough to have many reasons to celebrate over the course of the last week or so. I had a birthday earlier in the week, one of my childhood friends had a long-awaited baby girl and my grandfather had his 80th birthday.

In honour of this important milestone, the hubs and I decided to plan a 24 hour trip to Winnipeg to join in on the 80th birthday festivities. With the help of some key family members, we decided to surprise my grandparents by showing up at his birthday dinner at a legendary Winnipeg restaurant.

We booked our airfare at the last minute and ended up with early morning flights both ways. Since we had some extra time we decided to go meet the new baby. This of course meant that I had to start a new project for the wee one.

Figuring that portable was good , I dug through the stash and found 4 skeins of Tanis Fibre Arts Yellow Label DK and decided to knit a striped baby blanket. I found this free pattern for a mitred blanket with a picot edge and cast on while sitting at the airport yesterday morning. I'm using four different colours and varying the width of my stripes to keep it from looking too uniform.

By days end I had managed to make it through the first couple sets of stripes. Still lots of work on this one but I'm hoping that it will be finished in time for the holidays. All in all it's been a week of good things.

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