Monday 5 November 2012

From K - SnOw cold

Winter settled in last week to stay, and the chilly nights have consistently led me to curled up on the couch with needle and thread. Last week I mentioned that I had ordered a little cross stitch pattern from 1-2-3 stitch and when it arrived I couldn't wait to get started.

With only 7 floss colors, it was beyond speedy to stitch up. I don't think it took me more than a couple evenings of Downton Abbey and hot tea to complete this project. To finish it off, I swung by Michael's over the weekend and picked up a darling 4x4 inch frame that fits this project perfectly.

I've since put in another order to the same online xstitch company, and I'm hoping my shipment arrives shortly. I tossed a couple christmas stocking projects in my basket, along with some more floss storage (I already maxed out last weeks box!). I'm hoping to complete some major stitch progress on my Kawaii christmas stitchery over the next few weeks before my stocking shipment arrives. As I make some more stitching progress I'll keep you posted.

Last night I organized my craft room and set up to start working on my modern pow wow quilt again. Here's hoping I make some major progress this week to show you shortly. All the cutting is done so it's time to sew some seams! What are you working on this week?

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