Tuesday 10 September 2013

From A - Eucalypt Tank on the Fly

The two Wiksten tanks I made last Fall have been in near constant wardrobe rotation. They are great for layering and are generally cute and easy to wear. For the last few months I've been wanting to add a few more tanks to the rotation and not wanting to look like I had 12 of the same top in different fabrics, I have been on the hunt to find some other sewn tank options.

This weekend I used Megan Nielsen's Eucalypt pattern to whip up another option to my limited wardrobe using one of the prints from Sarah Watson's Indian Summer collection. Love this fabric and I have even cut out another project from my leftover scraps.

Eucalypt Tank

I cut a straight size medium and found it to be a pretty good fit. My only complaints would be that I find it a bit snug in the hips and that the armholes are pretty gapey on me (visible in the photo below). Although the hips seem like an easy fix, I'm not really sure what you would do about the armhole gaping...suggestions?

Eucalypt Tank

I love the neckline on the this. The almost v-neck scoop is very flattering and I like that it is scooped in the back as well. I am also a HUGE fan of the facing technique Megan has you use for the neckline and armscye. It looks very professional, more so than any other technique I have used.

A few people in the blog-o-verse have mentioned that the armscye on this top is cut too low (enough people that Megan even posted a tutorial on her blog on how to raise them). I didn't find this to be a problem for me and since I couldn't find very many clear shots of what all the fuss was about online, I'm going to leave you with a photo of my armpit so you can judge for yourself (don't look so shocked...it was bound to happen eventually).

Eucalypt Tank

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. Super cute, Amanda! Thanks for putting the Eucalypt pattern on my radar, I don't think I'd seen it before. Love it in that Sarah Watson print. I think it's very becoming--I've found that I actually like a woven top to hit my hops pretty close.

  2. It looks great Amanda, and the fabric is adorable. Sorry, no help here for the armholes since I never make items that actually need to fit anyone! haha

  3. Love it! I love the neckline on it, and your fabric choice :)
    Have you thought about maybe putting in a dart where it gapes?


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