Sunday 5 October 2014

From K - Finished Grace Cardigan

18 months ago when Amanda was teaching me how to cast on to start my very first knitting project, I would never have imaged that I would be sharing a finished sweater less than two years later. Today that's exactly what I'm doing!

This is my new favourite cardigan, and not just because of the cashmere blend yarn (though of course that doesn't hurt!).

Front details:

The lace work was a bit tricky at first (surprisingly more challenging than one would suspect) but after looking at Ravelry a bit, it didn't take long to see where most folks go wrong. Some rows end in a YO and it's easy to forget if you are busy watching tv or otherwise not laying close attention. Jane has provided charts in an updated release of this pattern so I'm sure if I make it a second time I won't run into any issues.

Back details:

Part of what drew me to this pattern was the lace work in the back. I tend to wear a lot of cardigans at work since Canada tends to be a bit nippy. The lace work seemed like the perfect touch of softness to a cardigan that will get a lot of wear with dresses.

Final Knit Details:
  • Pattern: Grace by Jane Richmond
  • Finished Size: 34-36 (custom body sizing)
  • Yarn: Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20 in the colourway Grape Stone
  • Buttons: 12mm metal buttons from Fabricland
I was so excited about finishing this sweater that I cast a new sweater on the same evening I finished sewing the buttons on this one. Sundottir is next up, anyone have tips to share on fair isle colour work?

To read more details on the making of this sweater, visit my Ravelry page found here.


  1. This is so gorgeous it makes me want to learn to knit! :)

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