Friday 4 January 2013

From K - Finished: Wax Print Towers Quilt

The hubs and I spent the last week up at our family cabin in the beautiful British Columbia. Knowing that we were going for a while, I was sure to pack a bunch of my current WiPs. The main project on my "must sew list" was finishing off one of the two wax print quilts that are currently under construction, and I'm happy to say I successfully polished one off.
Having accomplished a nagging WiP from my pile, I sauntered down to my closest frozen lake with Mr. K to take photos so I could cross it off my list for good.

The idea of taking African fabric quilt photos in a snowy mountain range wasn't lost on my hubby as he took photos and I struggled with mittens and 10 layers of warm clothing. I think we both would have been much happier taking these photos under a warm sun in west Africa, but you gotta work with what you've got right? And a mountain view isn't exactly an eye sore now is it? Since a little juxtaposition never hurt anyone, I hope you enjoy the shots.

I mentioned a few months back that I lived and researched in Ghana for a summer. Last fall when a friend did a stint of her own volunteering abroad in Ghana, I gently persuaded down right begged her to bring back some fabric scraps from a local tailor/seamstress.

She more than carried out my request, bringing back plenty of scraps for two throw quilts, and now we'll each have a great momento from our travels abroad. This is her quilt, and I'm so excited to finally share it with her next week when she picks it up.

The backing for this quilt is made up of fabric generously gifted from friends (fabric a customary gift in Africa, if only it were in Canada too!). For the binding I chose a black and white print from my local Fabricland that had just the right amount of softness in the circles. The lack of crisp edges in this print really lets it blend in well with the wax prints and I think it holds its own.

When I was contemplating how to quilt it, I decided a simple random straight line criss cross would do the trick and I love the tecture it added to the final product.

Final Quilt Details:
  • Quilt Name: Wax Print Towers Quilt
  • Finished Size: lap size (56" x 72")
  • Fabric: Wax print fabric scraps, Fabricland Solid Black (Sashing), and Fabricland Black Dots (binding)
  • Pattern: my own design
  • Quilting: random straight line criss cross

And since I'm always a sucker for a foothold scenic shot, here's a quick snap shot of my view walking back from the cabin after the photo shoot for this quilt. A snowy winter day might not have been an obvious choice for a backdrop for this vibrant quilt, but gosh isn't it lovely!

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  1. That is really really cool! (No pun intended!) I agree with the irony of african prints amongst the snow...a bit like me sitting here on a hot summer evening looking at your snowy winter photos! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful quilt, and I love the snowy pictures! At least you have a great view to enjoy in that cold.

  3. Your quilt is just gorgeous and I love the variation in the prints! I love that the fabrics have such personal meaning for you, too. Wax prints are so beautiful, but different from my regular quilting cottons. When I've used them, I've been afraid they'd be fragile, shrink up or otherwise behave in ways I couldn't predict. When I do another project with them, I may have to come to you with my questions! :)


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