Thursday 28 November 2013

From A - Basting Party

No not the turkey kind. The quilting kind. Managed to get two quilts basted today and I can't think of a better way to celebrate U.S. Thanksgiving when there is no family nearby.

First up, the Posy baby quilt re-do.

Posy Baby Quilt Take 2

And next, the White Star quilt top I finished back in March.

White Star Quilt

It took me three tries to get the star quilt basted without giant lumps in the backing fabric. We were dangerously close to the point where professional intervention would be required. Fortunately I managed to overcome the issue by resorting to some James Bond style basting techniques that would make any of my quilt teachers blush with shame.

I was going to attempt a third but I think I need a mental health break from basting. Do any of you have any tips for basting on carpet? I am really missing our old hardwood floors, the bathroom floor was not nearly as cozy.

Wishing all of our American friends a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


  1. Two lovely quilts! I have basted baby quilts (up to 36" by 48") on the carpet without any problems, in the same way as I baste on hardwood floors (tape everything down and pin). I don't think they were quite as smooth as if they were basted on the hard floor but on that size quilt it didn't really matter. Hope that helps for some of your smaller quilts!

  2. So curious to see how Posy quilt #2 comes out!

  3. Those are both such great quilts. I don't know how you baste on carpet, that is definitely a skill and lesson in patience that I don't have :)


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