Tuesday 25 June 2013

From A - The Gentle Art of GSD

I managed to finish my very long bike ride. It took almost 11 hours of riding over 2 days to get it done. The bad news was that at the end of day 1, I looked like this:

This didn't bode well for day 2. Although it was a bit of a rough start, the good news was that at the finish line I was able to pull it together enough to look like this:

It was such a fantastic and inspiring weekend. The ride was difficult and we really had to push ourselves to make it across that finish line. The rain held off and we were amazed at the kindness of the other participants and volunteers. We heard so many amazing and touching stories that I spent more than a few of the minutes on my bike in tears over the weekend.

For me, finishing one big goal usually generates enough momentum that I am able to finish another. This means that finishing usually begets more finishing. I have always called this interesting quirk the art of getting sh*#/stuff done or GSD.

In this case, the high of finishing my ride was somehow enough to spur me into heading to the storage locker across town where much of my fabric is being stored until the end of "the move" and digging out my long unfinished Smitten quilt.

I spent an afternoon squaring up the top and making a backing before boxing it up and sending it out to be quilted by a long arm quilter. Here's a little preview before it left.

It's the first quilt that I've sent to be quilted and I am pumped. This bad boy has been dragging towards finished for long enough that I am more than happy to pass the torch. Rarely has a trip to the post office been so satisfying.

Up next: that baby bonnet.


  1. Well done, two great achievements! Probably too soon to ask if you'll do another ride?! Isn't it funny how one hard thing can spur us over another hurdle! That quilt looks great, look forward to seeing how the quilting shapes up. I've never sent one out either, but am considering it for my current WiP...

  2. GSD! Love it! I'm just about to send my first quilt out for long arming as well, and since I don't want it to be lonely, I'm sending along another with it too! If you want something done right, give it to someone who can do it well!

  3. Great work! I totally agree - finishing begets finishing (and I love that you used the word begets in your post!). I can't wait to see your finished quilt, and I'm so impressed at the bike riding.


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