Friday 28 June 2013

From A & K - Celebration

Last June we decided it was high time to take our near constant photo texting up a notch, so we bit the bullet and started this little blog together. Nothing too big or fancy, just a tiny nook in this colossal space we call the web where we could share our passion for making stuff with each other and with any like minded folk who happened by. Little did we know that starting this space would make living more than 2,000 km apart feel like we live next door or that this blog would add so much creative fuel to our sewing.

We have both recently been fortunate enough to have been touched by the generosity and kindness of others. Amanda through her epic ride, and Kelsey through the outpouring of selflessness that has seized the city of Calgary in the wake of the flood. In the hopes that we can share a kernel of this with one of you, we decided it was time to pay it forward with a small celebration of our own.

After much deliberation, we've pulled together a collection of some favourite crafty things that we'd like to send to one lucky reader. To enter our little giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment. You can mention a favourite project or favourite post from the past year or even a well wish if you'd prefer.

For those who have been along for the ride, you may recognize many of these things from our posts. We have:
  1. A Kwik Klip for pin basting
  2. Magic Bobbin Winders to help perfect your quilting stitches
  3. A Supreme Slider to make your free motion quilting a little easier
  4. Clover Quick Clips (Amanda is totally obsessed)
  5. Liberty!!! in book form
  6. Three Charm packs (enough to make a Smitten quilt, if you're so inclined)
And just to sweeten the pot a little more, we'll throw in a digital copy of Rachel's Smitten pattern and this:

Downton Abbey

You know, just to shove you down the rabbit hole (you can thank us later). We'll close the comments on Friday July 5, 2013 at 11:00 p.m. EST and then randomly pick a winner shortly thereafter.

Thank you for a fantastic first year!


  1. What a lovely lot of prizes. My favourite project is the 2 quilts I made for my kids. I love that they snuggle up under a fabric hug from me!

  2. Holy moly I am desperate to win this giveaway! Everything is amazing! You guys know I love your blog - thank you for introducing me to mirror ball dots (by the way, how is that hand piecing project going?), thank you for introducing me to African fabric, and thank you for sharing your corners of Canada :-) Can't wait to see more of your fabulous work.

  3. Congratulations on a year well spent ;) looking forward to what's to come!

  4. My favourite is the Modern Rainbow Sequence. I love everything rainbow coloured that you did, though. Just beautiful :)

    Congrats by the way ;)

  5. Wow, awesome giveaway ladies! I'm not sure that i could pick just one project though. I'm loving your Kaleidoscope blocks Kelsey and can't wait to see it finished! But the colour palette for Amanda's Saturday morning sampler is right up my alley! Truth be told i also loved the post on Amanda's Posy quilt... and i know it's not funny, and if it were my quilt i'd be gutted, but the pic of your dog on it, it's just to cute!
    My favorite post so far though would be last Thursday's from Kelsey. Tears to my eyes... thank you for helping. My sister lives in Calgary and while her home is okay, i know that so many others weren't so lucky. You ladies are awesome!

  6. My favourite is the two of you collaborating to write this blog! What a great giveaway too!

  7. Thank you for the generous giveaway. I have enjoyed following your blog thus far and look forward to what's in store going forward.

  8. What a sweet giveaway! I enjoy reading your posts and seeing what you're up to, even though I have been a really lame commenter lately. I really loved the Calgary post last week :)

  9. What an absolutely lovely giveaway for your first blog anniversary! Thank you so much, and keep up the good work! ♥

  10. Wowzer, I thought I'd entered here already but somehow it slipped through my radar. Glad I checked back! I love your blog and seeing the beautiful things you both make, the trips to take, and anything else. I hope you keep it up.

  11. Wow! Congrats on your first year! Your projects are lovely and inspiring! Keep up the good work!