Monday 4 March 2013

From K: Perfect Corner Baby Blankets

This past Saturday it was +7 so I went for a pedi wearing flip flops and started planning a few spring/summer wardrobe sewing projects while soaking in the sunshine. By Sunday morning though, I woke up to this:

6+ inches of snow in 12 hours is hardly a subtle reminder from mother nature that it's still winter in Canada. But it did get my head back on track with where I should really be focusing my mind. In a few days the hubs and I will be hitting the open (hopefully snow plowed) road to my home town in Manitoba where I know a few baby boys that need blankets. And by need, I really mean that I just can't help but sew them some :)

Nothing seems cozier than flannelette in the winter, and judging by todays weather, the chilly temperatures might be sticking around.

I followed a fantastic tutorial by Apostrophy Designs to whip up two Perfect Corner Baby Blankets. I've likely made about a dozen of these over the past year and I'm sure I'll make dozens more in the future. To be honest I stocked up on flannelette specifically with these blankets in mind.

The tutorial is great and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I generally make at least two in a sitting and it doesn't take more than an hour a piece (though fancy stitching can add significant time so be warned). 

I love showing up back home with lots of home made gifts and kidlet hugs in return. I think my cousin's sweet little boys will love these.


  1. perfect gifts aren't they??
    the link didn't work.....might be something missing in the url??
    happy snow days....292 days until Christmas!!!


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