Monday 18 February 2013

From A - Found Time

Kelsey came for a quick visit last week. We spent a fantastic weekend crafting and hanging out. While she was here, Kelsey decided that she wanted to knit some socks. We went to my local yarn shop to pick up some yarn and needles for her.

Apparently the yarn fumes got to me because before I knew it, I was bringing home yet another new skein of sock yarn. Moments after I arrived home I had a yarn cake wound and a set of needles ready to go.

I cast on immediately and then picked away at these last week during the "lost minutes" in my day: in the elevator, while in line, when walking to the corner store, waiting for a table, etc. Those lost minutes are adding up. So far I've managed to finish a cuff and most of a heel flap.

This sock is nice reminder of how much I can get done during those in between moments. Exactly what I needed to combat the effects of a stressful work week!


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  1. I love those colors! I've never made socks but it looks like the perfect project for those in between bits of time


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