Friday 17 August 2012

From A - Going

I worked away on my Carnival quilt this week and managed to get almost all of the fabric cut and some of my blocks finished. Everything came to a screatching halt when I somehow managed to run out of white thread of all things.

After not being able to slip a trip to the fabric shop into this week, I've had to find another project to keep my hands occupied. Since we're going to spend weekend camping, it made sense that whatever I dug out of the old unfinished project bin be portable.

Enter this stitching project that I started a few months ago after seeing it in the December 2011 issue of Cross Stitcher magazine (love that magazine). I thought it would make a cute wall hanging in a child or baby's room.

I didn't think to take a picture of the pattern before leaving the house this morning but the finished product will be four animals walking in a line from biggest to smallest (a bear, a fox, a rabbit, and a squirrel). There is an empty area in the design where you can stitch in a child's name.

So far, the fox and rabbit are well under way. I'm hoping I can make some progress on the other two animals this weekend so I can get this ready for one of the three babies that are scheduled to arrive in October (I told you there were scads of babies this year!). We'll see how that pans out though since my heart is still back with my Carnival quilt.

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