Monday 17 November 2014

From A - Infinite Infinity Scarves

Many moons ago, I took a half yard of Liberty tana lawn and a half yard of chambray and made an infinity scarf for a friend.

Infinity Scarf made with Robert Kaufman Dot Chambray and Liberty Tana Lawn in Mauvey

The finished scarf was so elegant and easy that I decided I should make 10 more using various chambrays from my stash and a half yard bundle of Liberty that I had purchased during a slip of the credit card. Possibly a moment where I had taken leave of my senses but I figured I could have them on hand as gifts and maybe set a couple aside for my own wearing pleasure.

Liberty & Chambray Infinity Scarves

Although I had them cut and serged into tubes within days of planning this project they sat unfinished for months afterwards while I distracted myself with life and newer, shinier projects. I picked them up again when the occasion of another friend's birthday demanded that they be finished immediately.

I'm quite happy with how they came out and love how the mix of prints and chambrays gives each one a distinct flavour and personality. Perhaps the best part is having a treasure trove of beautiful handmade gifts on-hand and ready to go. Hopefully this will rehabilitate my reputation as a perpetually late (handmade) gift-giver.


  1. I love that "slip of the credit card" comment!! That was a big slip for a half yard bundle of Liberty...more like a deathly plunge

  2. Don't listen to Deb, that little slip was well worth it! Now you have the most beautiful treasure trove!! ;)

  3. Gorgeous! I shall have to buy some chambray and make me a few. Casual, yet sophisticated :)

  4. I am completely obsessed with infinity scarves. And I am wearing one made with Liberty fabric (a gift from my husband) today! I love how you combine yours with the chambrays.


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