Monday 22 September 2014

From K - Travelux Pearl Update (1st Year Reno)

Last April, I shared a project that my husband and I were about to start - a full overhaul reno of a 1972 Travelux camper, which we lovingly dubbed, our Travelux Pearl.
Most of our friends thought we were crazy. We found an incredibly rare vintage camper in amazing shape, and then decided to gut it. Maybe we were a bit extreme, but we decided early on that we wanted something truly our own, and after Year 1 of renovation, I think we are well on our way!

Since camping season is over for us this summer (cooler weather and work commitments are taking over), I thought it was time I share some before and after (year one reno) photos.

Front Banquet - Before
Front Banquet - After Year One of a Renovation
Kitchen - Before
Kitchen - After Year One of a Renovation
Kitchen with Wardrobe - Before
Kitchen with Wardrobe - After Year One of a Renovation
Sofa Bed - Before
Sofa Bed - After Year One of a Renovation
Washroom - Before
Washroom - After Year One of a Renovation
Some of the highlights from Year 1 of renovations:
  • Walnut cabinetry (with plexiglass upper sliding doors);
  • Solid hickory floors and laminate bathroom floor;
  • Removed the shower stall and replaced with a wardrobe;
  • New countertops and backsplash;
  • New high-efficiency LED potlights;
  • New upholstery;
  • New curtains and throw pillows (not shown);
  • New plumbing, holding tanks, tap sets, and water tank gauges;
  • New thermostat, switch plates, and furnace grates;
  • Painted window frames; and
  • Removed old cracked wallpaper.
We still have some work to complete, and are hoping to get most of it done next spring before we roll out to the mountains next summer.

Some of the remaining items on our renovation list include:
  • Polish and fix-up exterior;
  • Complete kitchen drawer fronts;
  • Complete bathroom cabinetry;
  • Build cabinet doors for the overhead storage in the end caps;
  • Build and install a folding bathroom door;
  • Build a custom solid wood table;
  • Cover fridge with stainless steel;
  • Complete final upholstery
We had such a great time glamping this year. I can't wait for next spring when we can wrap up more renos and hit the road again.


  1. oh it looks so good! I have always wanted a vintage camper, I'm quite envious of yours :)

  2. Great to seen a blog on a Travelux. I have a 1979 21' that I completely gutted to the outer skins. I was wondering what you used to remove the wall covering glue?
    Thanks Shawn

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