Tuesday 4 March 2014

From A - Plotting and Planning

I have been making a concerted effort to finish old projects and use up some stash since last Fall. Frankly, it has been going pretty well until just recently when I began spending most of my evenings filling the pages of my trusty quilt idea book with various doodles and measurements.

The two ideas that I keep coming back to are a Gypsy Wife quilt (still can't decide on colours for this one) and my obsession with making a peach and mint quilt.

Unable to resist any longer, I dug through my stash and came up with this lot.

Donut Fabrics

It's not exactly a "pure" peach mint combo but close enough without completely abandoning my natural inclination towards tone and colour variation.

Not wanting to make something that was too involved so that I would be able to start working on a Gypsy Wife without feeling too overwhelmed, I opted for Johanna Masko's Donuts pattern. It's been on my list since seeing Amanda's version last year.

Although I love the pattern, I wanted something a little bigger for super cosy couch snuggling and I wanted to be able to add some more symmetry to the pattern with a four-sided border and another row of donuts. I spent some time with TouchDraw last weekend and ended up with a rough mock-up.

Donut Quilt

I'm pretty excited about this quilt and am hoping to get my fabrics washed this week so I can start playing with layout and start cutting.

How do you plan projects? Are there any colour schemes that are making you weak at the knees?


  1. I love those fabrics! Esp the foxes. And the color combo is great… you'll have such a nice quilt when all is said and done!

  2. Fun idea Amanda and I look forward to seeing it come together. Do you always wash your fabrics first?

  3. Oh, so excited for this color combination. I love the foxes in the Les Amis collection and you've pulled other great fabrics that I know and love. This will be fantastic! Best, Kate


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