Sunday 7 July 2013

From K - Duffle Bag

For months now I have debated making a getaway sized travel bag. I went back and forth agonizing over what pattern to try my hand at first. While I adore the finishes on the Weekender (I swoon endlessly over Amy's piping, I mean come on, no one can resist that!), but gosh am I ever intimidated after reading blog reviews. I also considered the Aeroplane Bag by Sew Sweetness, a large sized bag that promises to be oh so less frustrating. Both bags are stunners, and both are bags I'd like to try my hand at someday, but both bags didn't seem quite right for my first try at a travel bag.
Then a couple weeks ago while reading Heather's post about her completed Carry-on Sized Duffle Bag by StudioCherie, I knew I had found the perfect large bag pattern.
After more than a few generous pointers from Heather, I bit the bullet and started cutting. I've chosen three fabrics for my bag: Starcomb from Parson Gray's Curious Nature collection as my feature fabric, a print from Studio E Fabrics' Essential collection as my lining, and Ink by Melissa Marie Collins as my accent fabric.
Over the past week I managed to cut, quilt and sew the duffle body, end pockets, trolley sleeve and a bonus pocket. Next up is installing the main zipper and zipper facing, making the straps and of course the not-so-tiny task and sewing all these pieces together.
The pattern calls for 2" wide nylon strapping (of which all I could find in town was bright white). Alternatively I did find some 1.5" black cotton strapping that I think might suit the fabric better, but I'm uncertain about its narrow width. Any recommendations or thoughts?
I'm thinking up to this months' edition of A Lovely Year of Finishes over at Fiber of All Sorts. I have a couple of weekend trips coming up and this links party is the perfect motivation for me to get this wrapped up in time.


  1. Good for you Kelsey! You've made a lot of progress already. I like your fabric choices and I like the black strap (I too could only find bright white locally...Fabricland!. I don't know about the width since I made my own wide strap.

  2. Can you stitch the 2 straps together so you have black on top with a white border? Really sturdy and will match the black and white fabric! Love the fabric combo and looking forward to seeing the finished bag.

  3. Awesome fabrics! I like Ali's idea of using the two straps together. Can't wait to see the finished bag!

  4. Looks great! I love that Parson Grey fabric. Is the webbing for handles? I think narrow would be too cutty. You could make straps like Amber's guitar straps? Tutorial here:
    Or add one of those padded slidy things over the top of the webbing to hold?


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