Thursday 16 May 2013

From K - Moroccan Tea and Knitting

This past week I spent 100% of my downtime laid out with a spring cold. In my world, this typically equates to spending far too much time browsing Ravelry, shopping for wool online and a whole lot of tea drinking!

Since visiting Morocco last fall, I prefer my mint tea extra sweet. Wonderful, delicious, Moroccan tea *sigh (here's a shot I took last September while bartering over some treasures in the medina).

When I was able to pull myself away from Ravelry, I made some progress on a pair of socks that I intend to gift soon. One sock down, one more to go!

Since I can't seem to shake Ravelry from my mind, and because I'm always interested, what have you been adding to your project list lately? I'm thinking it might be time for me to venture beyond the world of socks; maybe a scarf, shawl or cowl - your suggestions are welcome! If you feel so enclined, feel free to check out what Amanda and I have been drooling over on our accounts here and here.

I'm off to sip more tea, browse more patterns, and finish that second sock. Wish me luck!


  1. How cool to visit Morocco! Hope you're feeling better. The sock looks lovely. I just love that colour.

  2. Love Moroccan tea! My hubby and I went there for our honeymoon, so it is a special place for us :) And the sock is gorgeous! I am finishing off another kiddy sweater right now, then have a few other sweaters ready to go. And have started one sock...but now that the weather has turned flip-flop worthy, those may sit awhile :)


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