Monday 8 April 2013

From K - Prep for a New Quilt

One of my main New Years hit list goals was to create a couple of quilts using my stash. I recently came across Cynthia's Kaleidoscope Quilt and knew right away that it would work well with some of the stash that I've been hoarding.

When I first found the world of modern quilting, I was immediately attracted to Amy Butler and Dena Fishbein prints. Unfortunately it didn't take me long to realize that these larger prints can sometimes be more difficult to work into specific patterns. I've been hoarding some of these prints for more than two years while waiting for the perfect pattern, and now I'm finally ready to cut them up.

The templates were very easy to make, and I love how Cynthia's pattern gives you various size options. I decided to make 12" blocks, which will give me a finished quilt size of 47.5 x 57. I'm really excited to start cutting into these prints. What projects are you excited to jump into?

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  1. Oh, such gorgeous fabrics Kelsey. And thanks for the link to the pattern - I hadn't seen that particular kaleidoscope pattern before, and I have a beautiful stack of Notting Hill fabric that I still haven't figured out what to do with. Hmmmmmm.....


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