Tuesday 11 December 2012

From A - Nine Blocks a-Finished

Although it was yet another crazy weekend, I managed to find a few minutes to make some more progress on my Smitten quilt between Christmas shopping, Christmas eating and general pre-holiday to-do list type stuff.

Finished Yellow Smitten Block

I have started sewing my finished blocks together into units. I'm putting the units together one colour at a time to try and keep things organized and to ensure that I don't end up with units that have duplicate fabrics.

Finished Red Smitten Block

So far I've made it through all of the yellow and red units (also, I'm seriously loving the little people in canoes on that red block). To celebrate, I set up a makeshift design wall in order to get a senses of how the units will come together in the quilt top.

Not a ton of variety in there yet but I did start working on the teal blocks yesterday so it will start to look like a real quilt soon.

Teal Smitten Blocks in Progress

Back to the ironing board!

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  1. These blocks are absolutely lovely! I love Salt Air too -- anything by Cosmo Cricket is always a favorite!

  2. Its looking good! I hadn't even noticed the canoes until you mentioned them, but they ARE cute aren't they?

  3. These blocks are lovely. I can't wait to see the teal ones!

  4. very pretty; this will be a beautiful quilt!!

  5. Very pretty blocks, this is going to turn out great! I love Salt Air too. : ) Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!


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