Tuesday 30 October 2012

From A - Running Stitch

Feeling restless and still not really wanting to set up my sewing machine, I decided to start yet another new project. Since I spend most of my time wrapped up in blankets trying to keep warm in the Fall, Winter and Spring months, handwork seemed like just the thing.

Handwork Supplies

This weekend I started working on a hand pieced patchwork throw pillow. My first bit of progress is four lovely flying geese blocks. I really fell in love with this London tube/subway map fabric and decided that it would make the perfect centre for my Sawtooth Star.

.Sawtooth Star Pillow

Nothing is more satisfying than the small puckers caused by a simple running stitch. Hand piecing really changes the character of a project and gives it that homespun feel.


Although it is slower than machine sewing, I find hand piecing to be methodical and relaxing. It's a tactile experience where you really get to know your fabric as you sew along. I also enjoy feeling a connection to quilting's history and to my great-grandmother (who made gorgeous hand pieced and hand quilted treasures) every time I sit down with a needle and thread.

Sawtooth Star Pillow

Luckily there's lots more to do on this little cushion, because I'm enjoying every stitch.


  1. Although I have never tried hand piecing a block, I am working on an EPP hexy quilt and I enjoy the hand sewing very much. It certainly is a great way to relax at the end of the day.

  2. This looks great - I love that subway print too. The metallic dots are fun as well.


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