Wednesday 6 February 2013

From A - Ready for Takeoff

I spent the weekend visiting my husband in the U.S. where he has been working since January. A long flight plus a few hours in airports makes for meaningful progress as far as the crafting goes.

Woodland Sampler 001

Every time I get on a plane, I try to pick that perfect project that will be easy to work on, fairly compact but that will last me for the whole trip. What won out this time? My Woodland Sampler cross stitch.

I registered for this monthly sign-up back in December but didn't actually do anything except print the charts, round out my floss collection and pick up some evenweave in an appropriate colour.

Woodland Sampler 004

Before leaving it was just a pile of supplies but Saturday morning at about 4:00 a.m. I dug out the sewing machine, finished the edges of my fabric, gathered all of my floss, found a project bag and stuffed the whole thing in my suitcase.

I started stitching when I got on the plane and by the time I got back to the airport for the return flight home I had finished about 1/3 of the frames (largely due to the two hours of extra stitching time courtesy of a flight delay).

Woodland Sampler 002

Five hours later, when my plane hit touched down in Toronto, I was more than halfway through all of my frames. I'm hoping that once I get these finished that it will be easy to keep up with each monthly instalment (let's ignore the whole missing January thing).

Woodland Sampler 006

I haven't had much crafting time at home lately and am definitely looking forward seeing what I can get done on my next trip. Anyone else have a travel project on the go?

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