Monday 1 April 2013

From A - Taking Stock

I was digging through my go-to carry on bag and in its depths, I found not one but five cross stitch projects. Although cross stitch is very portable it is also slow. The thought that I would need five projects to tide me over for a weekend away is excessive, even by my standards.

There's my woodland sampler, a hydrangea kit I bought on my last visit the paradise that is Liberty of London, part of a Russian nesting doll trio, an aboriginal loon design by Sue Coleman, and a baby gift I started well over a year ago. This doesn't even include the other cross stitch projects I've started that are still at home, and all the other stitching projects I have waiting in the wings.

I didn't quite realize how crazy things had gotten. This stack alone is likely a year of stitching for me. I think it is officially time to divide and conquer. The hydrangea will be first up. Maybe getting it finished will encourage Spring to make an appearance. I for one, am more than ready!


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