Tuesday 12 March 2013

From A - Home at Last!

The last few months have been crazy. Work has been really busy with 10-14 hour days being the norm and I have spent at least some time at the airport almost every week since December. Suffice to say that this hasn't left much time for "home" things and I have missed my sewing machine dearly.

White Star Quilt Top

I decided that the only solution was to overcompensate by blocking off an entire weekend where my only plan would be to spend quality time relaxing at home (where relaxing at home is code for crafting). With all the extra time on my hands, I actually managed to finish up my White Star quilt top.

White Star Quilt Top

I love the way it turned out. It is exactly the sparkly, twinkly project that I hoped it would be. That Constellation fabric does amazing things to quilts.

White Star Quilt Top

I think my favourite print is the indigo coloured constellation print. I love that Lizzy incorporated illustrations from her earlier fabric collections into this one. All of her critters are so charming but I might have been guilty of a bit of favouritism towards the starry squirrel.

White Star Quilt Top

This top brings my number of unbasted quilt tops to three. I also have two basted quilts that are waiting to be quilted. I am really hoping to get a few of these finished in the coming months.


  1. I love the fabric you picked for this quilt. The circle fabric in the middle block two up is great!


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