Monday 24 February 2014

From K - Two Cabled Canucks

Over the Christmas break you might say that I became a wee bit obsessed with cabled knit hats. My pattern of choice? Cabled Canuck by Tanis Fiber Arts.

I have only ever cabled once before so it took me a few cast ons before I really got the rhythm and followed the pattern correctly. For my first attempt I used TFA Green Label Aran weight yarn in Shadow.

I have to admit, I almost shed a tear when I gave this hat away. I could not imagine a more perfect pattern and colour combination. It makes me swoon just looking back at these photos.

To be perfectly honest I ordered another skein of this yarn about 20 minutes after I started working with it. If I could only knit with one colourway for the rest of my life, I would be happy for it to be this. For someone who changes her mind often, that's saying something!

The details in this design are so well thought out and really speak for themselves. I especially love the snowflake that this pattern makes at the top, kind of like a cherry on top, non?

After I cast off my first hat, I couldn't help myself and cast on another using the same pattern and the same yarn, but this time in the Dove colourway.

I really love the purple undertones in this skein but it just didn't capture my heart in the same way. I'm not sure that I have ever made the same exact thing twice, but I just might have to make a second version f this hat in Dove.

Here is a pretty true to life photo of the two skeins side by side (left: Dove right: Shadow).

My order arrived with a new skein of Shadow and I'm anxiously hoping to cast on another hat soon. I promised myself thought that before I do, I'll finished up a WiP first. Luckily these socks are keeping my focus.


  1. Wow! What beautiful knitting! I am fairly new to quilting and a basic knitter, but I might push my skills a little and attempt this pattern. Thanks for sharing and amazing job!:)

  2. Love the hat! Your knitting is beautiful. What sock pattern is that you're working on?

    1. Hello :) I wasn't able to find your email to send you this directly so I thought I would just answer you here. The pattern I am using for my socks is called Marilinda by Cookie A. It's a top-down cable pattern and it can be found on ravelry. Hope that helps!

  3. I'm having yarn envy just looking at your pictures. I really love that Dove! Tanis yarn has been on my to-find list for a while, every time I see a new project in it I want it. Great job on those hats, thanks for sharing!

  4. Gorgeous, and lovely photos too!


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