Tuesday 18 February 2014

From K - Stocking up my Stash (5th edition)

Since Amanda moved down to California, I have been using her new found American zip code to mail all kinds of crafty goodness to save on international postage. At $20+ per parcel to Canada, shipping adds up quickly and seriously eats in to my fabric budget. Knowing I'd be seeing her in February, like any sane irrational quilt fabric addict, I took full advantage of the situation and ordered unquestionably the mother load of all craft hauls.


Did I mention my loot took up her entire suitcase last week when she flew home?! Nothing says I love you more than cramming your essentials into your husbands' carry on just to bring 40lbs of fabric glory to you cousin. Yah I know, she's the best right?!
Getting a head start on next Christmas, I finally caved and ordered some FQs and 1/2 yds of Aneela Hoey's Cherry Christmas, one of my all time favourite holiday lines. Another classic line I wanted yardage of was Kate and Birdie Paper Co.'s Winter Lane (of which I found grey prints locally on sale after Christmas but couldn't find red or aqua). I was so grateful to find these lines on etsy as I know both are nearly sold out.
Sarah Jane's Wee Wander is likely to be my favourite release in 2014. I bought a FQ bundle from Westwood Acres and I picked up this incredible voile bundle at the same time. I had major regret last year at sewing summit when I didn't buy this voile bundle during the Westwood Acres pop up shop, so I knew I needed to get it while I still could. Soooo pretty and so silky soft!
Lizzy House can't do any wrong as far as I'm concerned. I ordered a FQ bundle of her newest line Cat Nap from Gather Here on etsy and I swooned when I opened it up. Easily another favourite line for 2014. Shamefully this haul doesn't include the 10.5 yards that I shipped to my house in January for Lizzy's Cat Nap Dress Contest (pictures soon I promise!).

Since I had already gone too far and practically sold the farm, I figured I couldn't resist a bit of chambray and metallic dots for Hawthorne Threads as well. Sometimes when you're in this deep you might as well keep digging amiright? I think when it comes to fabric it's right at least.

I know, this is seriously getting ridiculous now. Look away if you don't want to see the rest...
During the #greatfabricdestash on IG, I scored a half yard bundle of Lizzy House's Castle Peeps. This is now safely tucked away with my Lizzy collection including the likes of 1001 Peeps, Constellations, Pearl Bracelets and Cat Nap. I also scored a FQ of peach bikes, a 1001 peeps Lizzy print, and my most coveted piece of my stash now, a Paris Map FQ.
Lastly I stocked up on a few notions that are terribly difficult to find in Canadian shops. I score a quarter inch seam marker for marking HST,16 large spools and 10 small spools of aurifil purchased in a huge sale from Fat Quarter Shop before Christmas, and 36 metal zippers from Zip It on etsy.

Last year I limited myself with a lot of rules. Finish WiPs, only use stash, don't start anything new... and honestly it was a great crafty year for me. In 2014 though I decided that my rule would be to not have any rules at all. No guidelines, no deadlines, no limits... and now only 6 weeks in, my bank account is paying for it...but gosh is it ever worth it!*

*To clarify, I realize that this is an absurd stash post but I did do a lot of research to make sure that if I blew my budget I would have no regrets. I have coveted a number of these older prints for ages and I know that if I only buy a few lines in 2014, I will not be disappointed with wee wander and cat nap. I'm going on a fabric buying diet asap now though for sure! I've never been so excited to sew exclusively from my stash!!!


  1. What great additions for your stash!
    And don't feel guilty... when I order fabric from the US (to Germany...), I always buy up to the customs limit to justify the high shipping. Though picking up the parcel from customs and looking in the confused faces always makes me feel a little guilty ("So there's just fabric in there?! For THAT amount of money??")
    But hey, there's nothing more pretty to look at than a new fabric bundle :)

  2. Love this post, especially those Lizzy House Castle Peeps! I've got my own strict diet until April, but I'm not sure how I will be able to hold out until then! I just live vicariously through you for the next while. :) Best, Kate

  3. haha- you're so funny Kelsey. I'd probably do the same thing though if I had someone in the US that I'd visit semi-regularly!

  4. Shhhhhht, I do the same thing, but with my own suitcase! I always say I will be visiting family, but I am also visit the fabric shops online and "for real". I do go shopping with a plan, but always go home with more good stuff than I thought I would find. Last time I had an entire carry-on filled with stuff....and the other suitcase was filled to the brim too....
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  5. That is an awesome haul! Some of my favourites in there. And I have wee wander envy!!

  6. Hi Kelsey, I was looking for more online shops for my Canadian Online Fabric Store Pinterest board and came across your post - there are currently 52 listings on my board and I know a few of them are in Alberta. Maybe the list would help you out? http://www.pinterest.com/sherrisylvester/canadian-online-fabric-stores/ PS. I am SUPER jealous of your catnap - so gorgeous! :) Sherri | www.threadridinghood.com


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